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Diana Hutchison Author of Setting Yourself Free

Diana Hutchison

About the Author

Diana Hutchison is an author, counsellor, presenter and coach whose life-long passion for self-development has led her to create a series of books in the self-help genre. Being drawn towards understanding multiple ways and modalities, she sought to create meaning for herself and her life which has meant that her unique holistic approach explores all levels of being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, leading to a perspective of self-healing which enables the best results for her clients. This multiple perspective has inspired the Practical Guide series. Explore the books in this series below.

Book Cover

A Practical Guide for Grief & Loss: How to find your pathway to peace and purpose

Have you experienced significant loss? Are you feeling directionless, isolated or alone? Whatever kind of loss you have experienced, you can heal yourself—starting now! Read more

Book Cover

A Practical Guide for Young Adults: Consciously Create the Life You’ll Love

If you are a teen or young adult, don't just let yourself be reacting to what is happening around you. Read more

Book Cover

A Practical Guide for Self Change

Does it feel like you’re trapped in Ground Hog Day? Are you struggling to make a change? Do you have a strong sense that life could be better? Read more

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