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Are you looking to achieve a more healthy weight? Would you benefit from help to manage your diet and eating habits? Would you be happier, healthier and have a greater sense of wellbeing if you were able to lose weight?

Diana Hutchison is offering a Healthy Weight Program in Adelaide to those who are interested in better managing their health and weight. It involves a combination of counselling, hypnosis and life coaching designed to address the underlying personal issues that make it difficult for you to eat well and healthily, and to provide the support that will help you to reach your goals.

The program consists of ten sessions that are devoted to assessment and addressing the issues that influence the way that you eat, and these are then followed by a further six months of ‘maintenance’ sessions.

Completing this program enables you to adopt a new and improved mindset when it comes to health and wellbeing, so that once your optimum healthy weight is attained, it is easier and more likely to be maintained.

For many people, adopting a healthier lifestyle is neither easy nor quick. However, as part of the Healthy Weight Program you will also investigate the underlying causes and issues that have influenced your choices, and identifying and dealing with these will make the adoption of a new and healthier lifestyle easier to achieve. There is a great deal of effort required to change, but armed with professional support and a greater understanding of yourself, weight loss and greater wellbeing is achievable.

The overall cost of the Healthy Weight Program is $1595.00, which includes a free initial information and introduction session. This initial session is designed to ascertain whether you would ultimately benefit from this program, or whether a more comprehensive program such as the Mainspring Method would help you to achieve more.

If you want to make positive investment in your quality of life and your future, call Diana Hutchison now on 0417 295 100 to learn more.