Diana Hutchison

Adelaide Coaching and Counselling

Phone: +61 (0)417 295 100

For people who would like to be able to share their experiences of grief and loss with others in a caring and supportive group environment, Diana Hutchison runs a weekly Grief and Loss Support Group in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide.

With a maximum of eight people in the group, there are opportunities in each session to explore your grief and loss and to discover new ways in which to manage these powerful emotions, with different discussion topics being the focus of the session each week.

The Adelaide Grief and Loss Support Group is open to anyone who has experienced loss and is attempting to come to terms with it, and who would like to benefit from sharing their thoughts and feelings in an open and supportive forum.

Whether you’ve lost a job, a relationship has broken down, or you are struggling to overcome a bereavement, the group will help to support you as you process your loss.

To find out more about the work of the Adelaide Grief and Loss Support Group, or to join the group, call Diana Hutchison on 0417 295 100. The cost of joining the group is $15 per session.