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A Practical Guide for Self Change

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Does it feel like you’re trapped in Ground Hog Day? Are you struggling to make a change? Do you have a strong sense that life could be better?

Changing your behavior to improve your life and relationships isn’t difficult. All you need is a system that works for you. It doesn’t matter whether you know exactly what you want to change, or not. If you have a vision of yourself having a better life than where you are right now, then know your life can be better if you apply what you learn in this book. A Practical Guide for Self Change provides a blueprint for changing your life in a simple and easy-to-read format.

What it takes to plan and action self change is a focus and attention. We know that what we focus on we pay more attention to. You are already doing this right now. However, it may well be that what you are focusing on is the lack of progress, or negative emotions you are currently experiencing. If you flip this and start focusing on the things you can change – you and your perceptions – then you will start to see the positive effects in your life.

In this book, you will discover:

  • The real reasons you are considering change
  • How small changes can make huge shifts
  • Why change doesn’t have to be hard
  • The barriers that could be holding you back from making changes
  • Why your unconscious mind resists change and how to overcome this

A Practical Guide for Self Change teaches you how to look at change, particularly self change, what steps are involved and how to go about implementing change. You will essentially be creating your own self-change management program that, when actioned, will start your self-transformation. The process includes exploring what you set as your goals for self-change all along the pathway before, during and after your plans are actioned. Possibilities for trouble-shooting are outlined to enable you to overcome any roadblocks on the path to your future-self destination.

This book can be the shift to start your journey to freedom and into a life you’ve always dreamed of.


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