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A Practical Guide for Grief & Loss: How to find your pathway to peace and purpose

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Have you experienced significant loss?
Are you feeling directionless, isolated or alone?
Whatever kind of loss you have experienced, you can heal yourself—starting now!

In this book you will discover:

  • What grief is
  • The symptoms you may be experiencing
  • What helps in healing from the pain of grief
  • The coping strategies that work best for you
  • How to find your pathway from grief to peace

With the help of these valuable insights, you can be empowered to start the journey to a new you. This book can assist in empowering you to create a greater sense of self and purpose after the pain of significant loss.

“From theory to personal experience Diana Hutchison delves into the complexity of loss and grief. She describes in detail how the emotional body, mental body, and physical body each react to grief and suggests ways to begin the healing process.”
Joy Nugent
Author of Live Well to Die Well and founder of Soul Talks Incorporated and Hunab Ku Oneness

This book on loss, bereavement and the grieving process empowers you, the reader, to navigate your grieving process through understanding what is happening in your experience of the pain of grief. This means it could be easier to find your way through what can be an extremely emotionally painful experience. Grief is isolating and when you experience a major loss, no matter what it is, it is comforting to know you are not alone and that you can find your way through it, whether by yourself or with the support you need. Asking for help such as grief counselling, grief support group or some other kind of professional support that you prefer, is key.

This book provides options for you to explore and find your unique self-healing pathway to peace, whatever that may look like to you. Because grief is a natural human process, and something we all experience as we move through life, there can be positive outcomes when you face it head on when you need to. This leads to exploring meanings and those changes and transformations occurring within you and outside of you that may arise. Doing so consciously helps this process.

Grief affects every part of our lives. Because of this, healing the pain requires this depth too. Thus, exploration on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual is what grief, and particularly intense grief, calls for. This book will help you navigate through the troubled waters of emotions, and hand you some tools to find your way to shore.

Whether you are:

  • After information about grief and grieving in general
  • Wanting to find a good self-help book on grief
  • Curious about how to find bereavement counselling and support
  • Interested in finding how to stop feeling so much pain
  • Wanting to find how to get your life back on track because you feel lost
  • Wanting some kind of grief support, or grief therapy
  • Feeling you need better coping strategies

This book is for you.


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