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Adelaide counselling for learning how to manage negative thoughts and emotions

Managing Negative Thoughts and Emotions

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When you start to change, you need to do things consciously until you learn the new behaviours and they become more automatic. However, you are likely to find at tis stage it is still very easy to slip back into old behaviour patterns. It is as though the old patterns create a sense of inertia, […]

Adelaide counselling for setting goals for a self change program

Setting Goals for a Self Change Program

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When you have decided on areas you want to work on in your behaviour, it is useful to utilise goal setting in your self change program.   When you set a goal that is achievable and has an end point that’s not too far away, then you are more likely to be motivated to achieve […]

Relationship counselling for young couples in Adelaide

Relationship Counselling

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Relationship Counselling   If your relationship isn’t going well, or you are having lots of arguments, relationship or couples counselling may be beneficial.   It may have taken a long time for your relationship to arrive at its current state, but it is likely that both of you will have settled into patterns of behaviour […]

Understaing our issues with Adelaide counselling

Understanding Our Issues

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Understanding Our Issues Projection In order to feel psychologically better about ourselves, we may use the defence mechanism of projection. This involves projecting onto other people the things we hate or can’t stand about ourselves. This enables us to tell ourselves that it is not us who is at fault. This is, however, just an […]

Adelaide counselling for changing your behaviour

Changing Your Behaviour

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Before you put new behaviours into place, it is good practice to monitor your current thinking. You can do this through what psychologists call self-monitoring. Awareness Firstly, take a step back in your awareness, so that you are not only aware, but are also aware of being aware. This is the state of mind from […]


Taking Responsibility for Change

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Taking Responsibility for Change Once you have recognised that something needs to change in your life, what do you do next? Next Steps The first question to ask yourself is, “Who or what needs to change?” When it comes to who, it is a fact that we can’t change other people. We can only change […]

Adelaide counselling for recognising the need for change

Recognising the Need for Change

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Recognising the Need for Change Every now and then we need to take time to look at our lives and to figure out if we are on track. You don’t necessarily need to have a goal or goals that you are trying to achieve, but you do need to be able to look back at […]

Adelaide counselling for learning how to ask for help

Asking for Help

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Sometimes asking for help is a very big step. Perhaps you feel that you need to solve all your problems by yourself. Perhaps you are feeling ashamed and guilty that you haven’t been able to deal with your problems on your own. Perhaps it’s too hard and you are not sure how to do it, […]

relationship counselling in Adelaide with Diana Hutchison


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In a relationship there are two separate people who have their own thoughts, feelings, friends, interests, activities and opinions. In a healthy relationship each partner respects the other’s rights to these and this builds a foundation of appreciation and respect. Give and take is also an important feature of healthy relationships. Sometimes compromise may be […]

Counselling to assist with grief and loss

Grief and Loss

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Sometimes when a loved one dies we can experience traumatic grief. This occurs especially when the manner of death is sudden and unexpected, and when there is a element of trauma associated with it. For example if the death is by suicide, accident, terror attack or homicide. Traumatic grief may be experienced by a parent […]