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The Health Benefits of Self-Healing

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You may have read about, or heard people talking about, self-healing, but do you know what it is? What are its benefits? Does it even exist? Self-healing most definitely does exist and, more importantly, it is something that anyone can do. In fact, you are doing it already. There is an absolute connection between your […]


Tips On How To Achieve Personal Growth

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As we go about our lives, circumstances will arise that force us to learn or grow in some way. Perhaps losing a loved one changes your attitude towards your beliefs, or how you go about making the most of every day. Maybe going to university gives you a more mature outlook on life — any […]


Healthy Boundaries and Self-Esteem

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Healthy boundaries consist of rules that you follow for how you treat yourself, how you treat others, and for how others treat you. And we all need healthy boundaries. However, sometimes in life our boundaries become porous or get broken — but there is a way to fix this. If your rules get violated , […]


Motivation for Exercise

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How Can I Motivate Myself to Exercise More? It’s a familiar scenario. You know you should exercise more, so you make an agreement with yourself that you will do it. However, when push comes to shove, you conveniently forget about it, or you ignore it — and then you give up. If taking more exercise […]


Chronic Stress: A Case Study

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Chronic stress affects not only your quality of life on a day-to-day basis, but it can also affect your health in the long term. If you come to realise that you are experiencing stress, it’s therefore important to take action that will lessen its impact. This can include putting into place some self-care practices. Paul […]


You Drive Your World

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You create your own reality. You are the driver of your world. Each of us is unique, and we all have our own unique views and experiences. How we interpret and filter the information that comes to us through our senses means that we create our own particular understanding of the world. Our beliefs, values […]


How to improve your interpersonal wellbeing

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Humans are social beings. We need each other to thrive. The more we feel connected to others, the higher our interpersonal wellbeing tends to be. For instance, married people have a higher wellbeing score than divorced and single people, while if you have four or five close friends you will have a higher interpersonal wellbeing […]


Anxiety – A Case Study

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When you have anxiety, whether it is mild or extreme, it can be particularly debilitating. Anxiety stresses the body and mind, regardless of the situation in which you experience it. Susan came to see me because she was experiencing anxiety in both the workplace and at home. She had been a very shy child, and […]


Working on Anger – A Case Study

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When Dean first came to me for counselling, he wanted help with anger management. Anger was an emotion he felt throughout a fair proportion of his day. He got angry at other drivers in traffic, he got angry with some of his clients, and he got angry with his wife and kids over trivial issues. […]


Adelaide Grief and Loss Support Group

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If you have recently (or even not so recently) experienced the death of a loved one and feel that you need some extra support and help in order to cope with your emotions, then the Adelaide Grief and Loss Support Group is here for you. The program consists of a course that lasts for eight […]