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Hypnosis as a Tool in Changing Your Mindset

By Life Coach Adelaide | Utilising Hypnosis | No Comments

Do you ever have the feeling that nothing is going right for you? Would you say that you are more often than not in a negative frame of mind? Do you regularly experience negative emotions and thoughts?


If you have ever experienced any of these sorts of feelings, then you are also likely to be pessimistic about the future and probably feeling stuck. Having such a negative mindset makes it unlikely that you will be able to see any positive direction or way in which you can alleviate your situation. Any potential opportunities that may arise that might enable you to change your mindset will likely not be seen as such.


This is because the feelings that we focus on are those that tend to assume most prominence in our thinking. Focusing on negative feelings, thoughts and beliefs means that these are the ones that will grow most quickly and strongly in our minds.


Hypnosis, however, can be a positive tool to enable you to change your focus and in turn change your mindset. I provide a range of Adelaide hypnosis programs that can help you to find your way to living with a more positive mindset.


When you are in hypnosis, the critical faculty in your mind is relaxed. The unconscious can then accept more readily what is being said to you, known in hypnosis as suggestions.


For instance, during hypnosis the unconscious mind can accept more readily suggestions about becoming more relaxed, which in turn makes you more able to look at and explore the positive aspects of your life situation. By speaking directly to your unconscious, suggestions are more readily accepted, so that you are more likely automatically to change your behaviour, however small that change may be.


As an example, suggestions may include expecting more positive events to happen, changing your expectations, and focusing more on a positive explanations of events. To help in this process, you could also start to remember the positive events that do occur throughout your day, and note them down. Through the use of suggestions, the unconscious is alerted to start focusing on the positive rather than always seeking to dwell on the negative.


This is, however, by no means all there is to a successful program of hypnosis. In order to increase your ability to focus on the positive, it may be necessary to do further work.


Often, a negative mindset will means that you have low self-esteem, or that your belief in your self-competence is low. If this is the case, some ego-strengthening suggestions may be helpful to counteract your negative thinking.


Ego-strengthening suggestions can be direct or indirect. A direct suggestion may be along the lines of the following:

“Every day you are feeling stronger and more able to think positively about yourself. You can say kinder things to yourself in your self-talk. You are able to be more compassionate towards yourself. You can forgive yourself for making mistakes and you can see that you are capable, competent and caring.”


When the critical faculty is relaxed, hearing these types of positive suggestions enables the unconscious to understand that you want it to do these things for your benefit. Sometimes it only takes one session for my Adelaide hypnosis program to work its magic, while for others it can take a number sessions. It all depends on the individual.


I run a variety of hypnosis in Adelaide programs, so if you are thinking that you’d like to change your mindset in order to have a more positive feelings about yourself, get in touch with me. You can phone me on 0417 295100 to discuss the range of ways in which hypnosis can change your mindset and turn your life around.