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Hypnosis as a Tool for Weight Loss

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Are you trying to lose weight, but finding it difficult? Changing your diet and exercising are, of course, the first steps you should take. However, for some people, this isn’t always easy to do,


If this is the case, hypnosis can be a very useful tool to help you address the inner issues that are making weight loss difficult. This is because hypnosis can help to instil suggestions into your unconscious mind that will support you to achieve your weight loss goals.


What is helpful to the person in hypnosis are what are known as suggestions which are used  to create a script. Suggestions speak directly to the unconscious mind — an example of a suggestion might be, “You will be more calm and relaxed as you go about your daily life.”


When you are utilizing hypnosis for weight loss, a suggestion may be along the lines of forgetting to remind yourself that it is snack time. Alternatively, through hypnosis you could create a suggestion that reminds you to snack on more healthy foods. Other suggestions might centre around working towards achieving your goal of reaching your target weight. Such suggestions would also encompass becoming more aware of the thoughts and feelings that affect your food intake.


Hypnosis is also an effective way of processing your thoughts and feelings around self-perception and self-esteem. Self-image is an important concept to address if you have weight issues, so some ego-strengthening suggestions would be good in this instance. Through this, you can begin to change your self-beliefs so that you are not only addressing issues around self-esteem, but also your beliefs about food. This would involve looking at your thoughts and ideas connected to food and how these impact on you.


If you have an eating disorder such as binge eating, there may be emotional triggers that start you bingeing. Hypnosis can help you to process these emotions and find new ways of managing the disorder.


Utilising hypnosis for weight loss is not a quick fix. It is important to process all of the individual mental aspects that contribute to your current lifestyle and thoughts about food, which may have been present for a long time.


Weight that comes off reasonably slowly and is accompanied by a change of mindset, diet and lifestyle is more likely to stay off in the long term. Therefore, once you have made the decision to start on a weight loss journey, give yourself at least 6 months to achieve this goal. It will take time, effort and money but it will be worthwhile. You are worth it.


I run two different programs specifically to address problems associated with weight loss. The first is called the Healthy Weight Program. This runs for 6 months and consists of weekly sessions for 3 months, followed by 1 session a month for a further 3 months. The weekly sessions address issues around food as well as self-esteem and self-image, and then the monthly sessions monitor and help you to maintain the progress made. The total cost of the program is $1,500.


The second program is part of the Mainspring Program in which I have trained. It includes a detailed assessment phase, a process phase and a 6 month maintenance phase. The whole program may include around 40 hours of sessions and costs $3,250. Payment plans are available for both programs.


In both the Healthy Weight Program and the Mainspring Program, hypnosis is an important tool, but other modalities such as NLP techniques are also used.


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