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Asking for Help

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Sometimes asking for help is a very big step. Perhaps you feel that you need to solve all your problems by yourself. Perhaps you are feeling ashamed and guilty that you haven’t been able to deal with your problems on your own. Perhaps it’s too hard and you are not sure how to do it, or you’ve tried before but not hit on the correct solution.

In any of these scenarios, it is in fact a sign of strength to find it within yourself to ask for help.

Maybe you have left it and left it until a crisis happens. This is the right time to ask for help, if you haven’t already done so. An event or situation happens which triggers some emotion in you that is overwhelming, and you become upset, anxious or fearful. Your heart races, you don’t know what to do, or who you can turn to. It’s all just too much. To make matters worse, you can’t sleep and so the next day you are tired on top of feeling overwhelmed by everything. This is the time to reach out, to find a counsellor or psychologist with whom to talk through your feelings and thoughts. To help you make sense of it all.

This is the time (if not before you get to such stress levels) that you need to find the strength to ask for help, whether you think you will find it or not. The consequence if you do ask for help is likely to be positive. Even if you find a counsellor who isn’t quite the best fit for you, you are likely to make some inroads into gaining a better perspective on your problems. Whatever your issues are, a good counsellor will help you to express your thoughts and feelings, to find your solutions after sorting through the various options that are available. She will help you to discover your strengths and support you as you progress in your self-change program. She will be empathic and empowering, so that you can become a better version of you.

Counselling is not a quick fix. It may take a number of sessions to become that better version of you that you want. It takes concentration and effort to change your behaviour, or what you are saying to others. It also takes time and resources. However, it is worth all the effort and concentration that you put in. Once you have changed and you like the outcome, and have carried out the new behaviour for some time, then you will have changed for good. Accompanying the changes that you make will be changes in the way others interact with you, how they see you, and this is likely to change your relationships for the better.

If you are in crisis, you need someone who will understand, empathise and empower you to explore the situation and help you come up with effective solutions. Diana Hutchison is an expert in such circumstances. Contact her to book an appointment.

Ask for help now.