Diana Hutchison

Adelaide Coaching and Counselling

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About Diana Hutchison

Counsellor Adelaide Diana Hutchison

• BA HONS (Psychology)

• Graduate Diploma in Applied Science (Psychology of Coaching)

• Graduate Diploma in Counselling

• Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis

• Member of A.C.A. (Australian Counselling Association)

• Member of I.I.C.T. (International Institute of Complementary Therapies)

I am an experienced counsellor with a substantial professional background in psychology. Something you may not know about me is that 18 years ago, I found myself struggling with anxiety, feeling lost and losing a sense of purpose in my life. This was due to burnout, and even though I was a psychologist, I realised that I hadn’t been applying self-care practices in my own life. I took action and had a very long break.

11 years ago, finding myself recovered, and having experienced the death of both my parents over time, I decided to go back to helping people but in a new direction. I found a good graduate diploma in counselling training and began that. Having recently experienced the death of my mother at this time, I decided to specialise in the strand in this training, in grief and loss.

9 years ago, I began my business, and since then have been counselling a diverse clientele, with a range of issues. Because of my own experience with loss, for the last 5 years I have been running grief and loss support groups. These are closed 8-week groups mostly face to face, providing a safe space for participants to share their grief stories. In addition, I have trained in a number of different modalities including NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and Coaching. In using the techniques from diverse areas, I have found that my clients make faster progress and are able to let go of what they wish to more easily.

Since I have always been passionate about self-development and love books, I have also turned my pen to writing. I am now in the process of self-publishing a series of books primarily on healing. Each person is unique in having their own story, experiences, beliefs, values, feelings, and ways of interpreting the world. However, essentially the process of self-healing is the same in that if you research and discover what works for you, and then take action and apply those processes yourself then you will transform yourself and thus your life.  

Through my own experiences and self-healing journey I have found what has worked best for me, but there is no end point. We are all evolving all the time.

What I am most passionate about is inspiring others to discover their own unique healing pathways, whether this is around grief and loss or any other area of life.