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How to Enact Transformation During Isolation

The astrological aspect that occurred in January 2020 was between Pluto and Saturn. In essence, the message was about the transformation of structures.

Think about the areas of life and society where such a transformation might already be happening. They may be affecting the practices and routines we follow in our daily lives, or the wider political and economic spheres. In order to respond to this situation positively, think about the transformations you can put into place that will enable you to thrive as a result of such change.

Transformation should extend beyond your hygiene practices — think about the health of your other boundaries too. We don’t only have physical boundaries, but emotional, mental, relationship, sexual, spiritual and financial boundaries as well. Boundaries are really about you looking after yourself and your needs, and being able to set rules and agreements with the people around you.

Explore the ways in which you can make these boundaries firm, so that you are able to be clear about what you want and where you stand with them. This will mean that others know to respect your boundaries and not override them as well.

At this time, self-awareness is important. The more you can get to know about yourself and have firm boundaries in place, the better your relationships and connections with others will be. Since many of us are staying at home in self-isolation, the greater sense of social isolation and transformation that this brings with it means that we are alone with ourselves much more.

There can be positive aspects to this. It can mean, for instance, that there are no distractions from our thoughts, our emotions, and our unconscious. Without distractions, issues that we have in our lives that bring up negative emotions and thoughts, such recent or past trauma, or loss of any kind, will likely come to the surface and vie for our attention, along with all the other fears and anxieties we already have because of the current situation in the world.

So while you are in enforced isolation, take the opportunity it presents to process and deal with any underlying issues that you have, whether this is grief and loss, past trauma, or anxiety. The result may be that you see yourself and your life in a different perspective. Such a change in mindset will also help you into the future.

The sort of things you can work on at this time will be different for everyone. Everyone has their own way of interpreting their world. We all have different experiences, we all have our own problems. The point is that by working on yourself right now and becoming a better version of yourself in the process, you will be setting yourself up for a much brighter future.

Having access to the internet at this time is absolute gold. Connection in whatever way possible is extremely important. We are social beings. Make a point of being kind and helpful to others. Have an attitude of respect for every individual, because we are really much more similar than we are different, no matter what form those differences take. Now is the time for all of us to begin to look at ourselves, others, and life, much more deeply.

If you aren’t sure what you can work on, then take the opportunity to learn new things. You can get a lot of useful free stuff from places such as Hay House, for instance. Sign up for their mailing list and explore some of the books, courses and webinars they offer. Try or

There are many other useful things you can be doing at this time, like exercise, watching movies, and reading. You could also be practising mindfulness or meditation. Search YouTube for some useful tips.

Whatever you do, remember you are not alone. Look after yourself and your family and, if you can, include a few others too, perhaps making an effort to keep in contact with people who you know who are living further away.

Take the time to connect with yourself as well as with others.

If you need help, ask for it.

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